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I found the TASH Resolution on the Right to Communciate to be very powerful and was curious about the organization that would write such a moving passage:

The right to communicate is the means by which all other rights are realized and is, in itself, a basic human right. All people communicate and have the ability to make and express choices, although it may take a patient and skilled person to elicit and interpret such expression. In the name of fully realizing the guarantee of individual rights, we must ensure:

  • that all individuals have a means of communication which allows their fullest participation;
  • that people are given access to assessment in a range of various communication methods;
  • that people can communicate using their chosen method in all of the settings in which they spend time; and that their communication is understood and heeded by others.
Where people lack an adequate communication system, they deserve to have others try with them to discover and secure an appropriate system. No person should have this right denied because he or she has been diagnosed as having a particular disability. Access to an effective means of communication is a free speech issue.

A quick web-search led me to a disability advocacy organization that I had previously never heard of,

As explained on their website, this is amazing international organization "advocates for human rights and inclusion for people with significant disabilities and support needs – those most vulnerable to segregation, abuse, neglect and institutionalization. TASH works to advance inclusive communities through advocacy, research, professional development, policy, and information and resources for parents, families and self-advocates. The inclusive practices TASH validates through research have been shown to improve outcomes for all people."

I was also moved by this quote from S. Blackstone :"For a person with a severe motor impairment who does not speak, the key that unlocks the door,...letting the individual Out and the rest of the world In. It is language that truly connects one human to the other." This reminded me of one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen, about a child who could not communicate and a father who would not give up on him: The Story of Team Hoyt.


Lisa Bolig
03/04/2013 10:55pm

I was also really moved by the Resolution on the Right to Communicate. Very beautiful, poignant and full of truth!


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