This chapter brings up some very important issues:

·     the vulnerability our digital natives have to online predation and harassment

·      the ethics of posting and reposting information in the digital world

·      the importance of clearly defined  “acceptable use” policies for technology in the classroom

·       the role of adult involvement in keeping our students safe when using the internet.

However, I agree with my classmate Lisa, the chapter is incomplete, and needed to include a section dealing with the importance of communicating to the students what it means to publish something on the web. Our students need to understand the implications behind the fact that “anything they put on the web is viewable (and therefore accessible and distributable) by anyone, and can very difficult to delete.”

Additionally, I too would have liked to see more emphasis on the importance of teaching students how to use their judgment in analyzing the validity of the information they find online. The subject was touched upon in David Warlick’s “Student and Teacher Information Code of Ethics”, under the heading “Seek Truth and Express It”, but then it was not brought up again.

In fact, there were four sections in Warwick’s Information Code of Ethics:

1. Seek Truth and Report It

2. Minimize Harm

3. Act Independently

4. Be Accountable

and after reading it,  I felt that all four sections were worth looking at in greater detail. So much so that I was inspired to check out his techLEARNING blog to see if I could find more about his Code of Ethics.

The first thing I discovered was that the site is not very user friendly- lots of pop-up advertisements and a poor search engine, but when I google searched Mr. Warlick by name I hit paydirt.

I found that his Student and Teacher Information code of Ethics was adapted from
the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalism, which takes the four sections and runs with them.

 I also found that that David Warwick has written a book called Redefining Literacy in the 21st Century.

Additionally I found that he is the author of many blogs. One is a wordpress blog which links to his professional role as a speaker on technology and education: 

Another is more causual with the title 2 Cents and which he describes as ” the observations, experiences, half-baked and fully baked ideas of an 35 year vagabond educator:

All of this  means that ultimately I found the information in this chapter to be very rich indeed, even if I did need to do a little digging to find the gold.


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